So a few days have gone by since we've spoke last. So what have I been busy doing do you ask
I am in the process of building my first online mailing list. Is it all business minded, of course. Do I intend to profit from it, you BETCHA! But, more importantly I want to help, grow and educate those that choose to follow me. There is SO much garbage out here and SOMEONE has to be the voice of reason to filter out all the other nonsense.

I did come across a few snags here and there but what business doesn't (especially in the beginning)
Hopefully you can see my server crashing numbers that I have on my mailing list. That's right a WHOPPING 5. And those 5 that I have were just from me testing everything to make sure it all worked out properly.

Now it's time for the fun part - to grow the list!

I'm going to leave this post a bit short because I want you to start getting ULTRA excited with me. Not only am I going into a world that I've yet to venture, but you'll get a FIRST ROW SEAT on this wild adventure.

PLEASE check back soon so that you can see what kind of results I'll be getting over the next few days. This is where things start heating up!

Want to know what all I did to get here or how I did all of this just post or ask your questions below and I'd be MORE than happy to reply! We all have to start from somewhere and we can ALL be winners if we put our mind to it!

Until next time!....

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