You all know who I am and what I am about. If you don't you know you can check out that about me section.
We all have thousands of choices we'll make in life, different paths we'll take and numerous ventures we'll set out on. This is the path that I've set out on; achieving great entrepreneurial success.

I am going to be as open as possible on my and (our) path to success and the "American Dream". Lets face it, not many of us want to work 9-5 everyday for the rest of our life until we're 75! SO, sometimes you have to take matter into your own hands and that's exactly what I intend on doing. The sweet thing is you get a FIRST CLASS seat in this journey!

I refuse to subject MY life to corporate America! I love this picture to the right! We are ALL familiar with the green line. You can either follow the green line, create your own green line to what you feel best suits your life OR you can sit by, live the life you probably do not desire and watch those whom you DESIRE TO BE walk right by you!

From this day today (11/13/13) I denounce to myself and all of you that I live a mediocre, paycheck to paycheck normal life. From here on out, I WILL CHANGE and commit myself to it!

Follow me in my journey, learn from me and my mistakes and watch me create my own green line so that YOU TOO can do the same! Don't be a follower, be a LEADER!

I will hold nothing back as I have nothing more than to be 100% honest to a lot of those who are in my exact mindset!

Words of advice? Anything you want to hear specific in my journey? Comment below and let me know! I'd be HAPPY to hear what you think, how you feel and respond!

Let the journey being - until next time.........

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