One Chance.

Yep. One chance is all I get to give a good first impression. One chance is all I get to convince you that my blog is worth reading. One chance is all I get to convince you that without a shadow of a doubt, this blog is worth the investment of your time.

I shamelessly admit that I thought long and hard before writing this blog. I mean, first impressions are everything, right?

Well, not exactly. True enough, first impressions mean a lot. But I’ve come to the conclusion that with this one chance I’ve been afforded, I’m going to keep it as real as possible. Although I’d love to pitch you a presentation built around the idea that my blog will fulfill every desire of yours, for the sake of
both of our time, I’d better stick with the original foundation of what this
blog is meant to express: the possibilities of life.

You see, I’m in Nashville, Tennessee at the moment. I just re-arrived to the gorgeous Music City at the beginning of the month. I’ve spent nearly the past year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin taking care of various things, including designing this website with my partner in crime – Jarodd. Returning to Nashville was just
as difficult as making the decision to leave Tennessee nearly a year ago. Milwaukee is where some of my earliest dreams and goals were nurtured as a youngster alongside the brother I never had. As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is. I truly believe that a piece of who you are will always reside where your most authentic desires are realized. Perhaps the mixture of my most enlightening dreams during adolescence combined with the distinct odor of the Brew City’s beer created a home filled with memories worth visiting for a lifetime? I don’t know. Nonetheless, now that I’ve departed Milwaukee, it’s time to bring you along for an adventure that neither of us will soon forget! 

One of the last non-business oriented adventures I embarked upon before leaving Milwaukee was attending the motorcycle basic rider course at the Learning Curves Motorcycle School. And just in case you’re wondering ….YES; I may not be an adrenaline junkie per se, but I’m certainly nothing less than an ADVENTURE ENTHUSIAST!

But I don’t mention this adventure to dwell on the past year of my life. I share this to pass on one of the first lessons that our motorcycle instructors emphasized to our class of amateur motorcycle riders. It also happens to possess one of the key similarities between a safe motorcycle rider and those that achieve their greatest goals. The lesson is this:

"Look through your path of travel! Where your attention is
focused is the direction you will go."
I say this because it’s only fair that I give you a glimpse "through my path of travel" to help you better understand the reasoning for some of my life-changing decisions which you’ll be made aware of in some of my future blog posts. All I ask of you is to remember one thing: Who you were yesterday isn’t necessarily who you must be today. Likewise, who you are today doesn’t dictate the person you must be tomorrow. Hence this journey of trial & err which I expect to enlighten both of us!

Here’s what you can undoubtedly expect to learn about in some of my upcoming blog posts:
  • Progression I’ve made with a book that’s been in the making for nearly a YEAR!
  • Relocating to the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida
  • The development of various websites 
  • My current preferred methods to maximize PROFITS from many of my current business endeavors 
  • And MUCH more!

                                                                                               ~ The Kid

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